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We specialise in Calibration, Calibration Systems and Measuring.

MICROPTIC a Highly Qualified Team to support you and your business for all your calibration and measuring needs.
MICROPTIC has more than 20 years business experience.
MICROPTIC personnel experience exceeds 350 years.
MICROPTIC laboratories are equipped with state-of-art equipment.
MICROPTIC unique on-site calibration systems.
MICROPTIC SANAS accredited laboratories.

All engineers, regardless of the profession to which they belong, are constantly faced with the problem of measurement. The problem may be of time, mass, force, temperature, the flow of an electric current, length, angle, and so forth. Almost invariably, the results of such measurements will determine the course of action the engineer will take. The results obtained by these measurements must be to an acceptable degree of accuracy.

For measuring equipment to maintain this degree of accuracy, they must be serviced and calibrated by an accredited organisation with international recognition. Calibration certificates provide the industry with proof of compliance with the internationally recognised elements of quality assurance, in particular the systems, as defined in the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 series of documents and IS0/IEC Guide 25.

In 1984, Microptic introduced a simplified and cost-effective calibration service for a wide variety of instruments, through the rendering of an onsite service. We have expanded to five branches and four laboratories, with world wide accreditations. Microptic has built up the best metrology infrastructure that can be found in Southern Africa.

Measuring and
Calibrating Systems

Product Measurement in our laboratories or on your premises where possible


From Operator level to Metrologist as per requirement


Consulting on specialise measurement requirements for calibrations, systems or equipment